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Welcome to the Developer Guide for the Contoso Real Estate Reference Sample.

The repository contains the reference architecture and implementation for a complex multi-scenario enterprise-grade application built on Microsoft Azure, with best-in-class developer tooling and technologies.

It provides a JavaScript/Web developer with a comprehensive collection of architecture patterns, functional components, developer tools and best practices to streamline and enhance their productivity in building scalable solutions in cloud-native environments.

Reference Application

The reference architecture is for an enterprise application (Contoso Real Estate) and designed specifically to showcase popular feature requirements - including web-based portals, user authentication, content management, serverless APIs, containerized services, integrated search, third-party payments, and end-to-end testing.

It also showcases best-in-class developer tooling for a consistent and productive end-to-end developer experience - from GitHub Copilot (AI pair programmer), GitHub Codespaces (consistent development enviroment) and GitHub Actions (CI/CD) to Visual Studio Code (authoring), Playwright (testing) and Azure Developer CLI (deployment).

Here's a sneak peek at what the application experience looks like:

Developer Guide

In the following sections, we'll dive into the details behind this reference architecture and sample implementation, exploring it in four dimensions, reflecting the end-to-end developer workflow:

  • Define - Understand requirements, define architecture, setup environment.
  • Develop - Prioritize scenarios, implement with API-first, composabability in mind
  • Deploy - Provision resources, validate deploy, activate monitoring & insights
  • DevOps - Integrate end-to-end testing, automate CI/CD, optimize costs